About Us



Since 2003 Ashford Partners has successfully acquired and developed a number of commercial properties in the western Pennsylvania and Northwestern Pennsylvania markets. We consistently strive to identify opportunities with the strongest potential for both short-term and long-term ROI. We do this by performing meticulous due diligence and feasibility analysis. We tirelessly research key issues such as current valuation, occupancy rates, land use regulations, rezoning entitlements, real estate trends, re-purposing, ongoing revitalization, and political considerations. When opportunities are uncovered, our experienced employees quickly manage resources and people to close on the most complicated projects. 


Over the past 20 years, Ashford has developed approximately 700,000 square feet of commercial property. This process demands experience with a diverse range of disciplines, including architecture, engineering, financing, real estate law, construction and leasing. All these areas require careful coordination, integration and attention to the smallest details. At Ashford we know that achieving quality projects don’t happen overnight. Success requires hands-on execution over the countless hours of project development. For this reason, Ashford only develops two or three real estate projects at any one time. This focused approach allows us to move the development process forward while providing real value to our investor's principals and mutual stakeholders. 


Once developed, successful real estate properties require ongoing management and maintenance expertise. With this idea in mind, Ashford views asset management as a critical component to the long-term success of any real estate endeavor. Therefore, we seek to create space solutions that support the business goals of our tenant partners. If tenants require special technical modifications or simple space improvements, Ashford seeks to create real and lasting business relationships with those who lease our properties.